8 am everyday. and i LOVE it.

After my first day at work on Monday,
(y'all...I'm working at Anthro...how am I going to MAKE any money?)
I got an email confirming my seat in the Graphic Design Program for Fall 2012...
I screamed.
Ran out of the house to find my sister and mom.
Then screamed at them.
Then ran back to our house and screamed and danced.
Called Madison to make sure she got in.
Checked facebook.

We're going to be designers!!!

I get to do stuff like this:


found this at cantina when we went for celebration fish tacos.
local brewery!
(well. gadsden.)

And here's my morning for each and every day next semester:


8 AMs every.single.morning.
a)used to it
b)FINE BY ME. Those are ALL design courses, y'all!


God is so good.
Glory be to him for having grace on little ol' me.

War Eagle.


Rosemary Jager said...

ALLLL of the above is THRILLINGGG!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

Way to go! So now you get to drink liquid folk art, or just design liquid folk art?

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly cool - but please check to see if you have any personal info on that schedule shot that could be a security issue, hon! It has your full name, what looks like a id (social security?) number ... I stumbled across your blog a while back via Shelby Thomas (I think y'all went to singing school together?) Please be safe out there!

Amy said...

Hooray! That's great!.... and I always knew you should work at Anthro.