This weekend.

I'm sitting at Toomer's Coffee Company attempting to write an Art History paper...that is due tomorrow...at 8 am.
Yeah. I procrastinated a tad.

And let me just add that I love my major.
Graphic design is where I'm supposed to be and the major itself can be used in SO many ways.
I think I'll stick with it.

On Saturday, I had a bunch of errands over in downtown.
On my way home, as I pulled onto the last little stretch of newly opened interstate...I looked on to the side of the road, and there growing on the side of the road was a field of crimson.
Red clover, my friends, is one of the most beautiful things to grace Alabama in the Springtime.
Of course I immediately pulled over and snapped a photo.
God is good.

I walked into Anthropologie for an open hire, and after the interview...I looked down at the table that had been sitting in front of me and there was KINFOLK.
Yeah. I snagged that thing and bought it.
Honestly, I would love to work for a publication like this.
There's so much integrity in the creation of this magazine.
Everyone who works and collaborates to create this magazine is incredibly talented and genuine. All the essays hit my heart and head and I completely understand.
So, Kinfolk, please hire me.

Easter dresses.
Savanna and I were dotty.
It was rather lovely.

Happy Monday!


Ruby Rose said...
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Jennifer Young said...

Ooops, wrong account. :)

I am so in love with Kinfolk too!! ;)

Margaretta said...

Man, I wish I could gather some of that clover! It's good herbal medicine, besides being so beautiful.