The Chambers Brothers

So, I finally figured out that I was allowed to say that I am in a band. YES.

And more than that, I just always am constantly hit with God's grace and goodness.
The way we all came to play music together was orchestrated by Him and it just kind of happened.

With that said, here are 'The Chambers Brothers' doin' what they do...I also like to call them 'my guys'. (They don't know that though...oh...awkward.)
Check out this talent.
Love these kids.

Go to the link...sadly the embed code was being weird...
The Chambers Brothers

check out our music...one song...
Chamberfolk (our name for now)

Aaaaand possibly an EP this summer...just a rumor.

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Karina Aragon said...

Seriously in love with ya'lls talent! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for an EP! God is good. Thanks for sharing:)