endless inspiration

i never, ever, ever put one of needtobreathe's song on and feel nothing.
from the first time hearing them when they opened up for Dave Barnes in April 2008, I felt a connection to their music...and boy has that connection lasted. not only lasted, but it has gotten me through some stuff (so cliche but true) and pulled me out of bad moods. i'll put on the radio and sometimes out of nowhere, one of their songs will play and i immediately feel:
courageous and brave

i feel home.

weird, huh?

us humans get crazy connections to music. but i think God made us that way. the chief musician created melody and we, his worshippers, are amazed by the sound.

so. yes. i'm still in love with this band.

they have integrity in every aspect and that's hard to find.

keep truckin' kids. y'all rock. (literally. oh ha ha. i'm hilarioussss)


Anonymous said...

one good reason for readin your blog, you're listening to some good music, I would never get to know otherwise! :)

Thumper said...

They became my favorite band with "Washed by the Water" and they are still my favorite. they get better with every album :)