Oh to be French...

So. I'm a little in love with French culture.
I know...you're sitting there going, 'Well who isn't? That's original, Whitney!'
But...truly I am.
And after reading the book Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl I fell more in love with the culture...but more of the culture of the French woman.
How enigmatic the women seem to be.
And that's how they choose to be!
Messy hair, natural makeup, good quality clothes, good quality food, everything in moderation, not completely open about the entirety of their life to someone they just met, they actually like men and the differences that come with men (as opposed to women and how in the USA we demand to be completely equal. They just accept the fact that we're different and embrace it...why not?!?!) etc. etc. etc.
They really are pretty incredible.

Here's a taste of the beauty of a French Woman...
4) via listal

truth be told all of the photos were REALLY found via Pinterest...but anyways. I try to give true credit where credit is due.


Anonymous said...

wow.They are all really pretty!

We had a lady come to our church once and she told us that over in France...people were SO patriotic!
They LOVED being french and couldn`t imagine being anything else.

And then there`s America....

elliebird said...

grreat book.
i wouldn't mind being french. although the italian woman has her own draw, too.
hm. it's a dilemma.

Two Happy Hearts said...

thanks for sharing these beauties!! i adore french culture as well...and this just adds to my love ;)

Giann said...

L.O.V.E this.....of course, I think I would like to experience Italian people first.... :)