National Convention + Intentionality

That's a word...right?
Oh. It is.
I just googled it.

Ok. So...
Summer comes and as a non-working gal, if I'm not careful I become a lazy bum.
I sleep in, don't really do much...and it takes me DAYS to clean my room.
(As I type this I'm sitting in an unmade bed and there are clothes [they're actually clean] on the floor of my room and other miscellaneous items that should be put away)
Today I was thinking about life...(oh dear. prepare yourself for something that isn't...dumbfounding)
Step-by-step, I would like to put myself back into a state of intentionality.
We, as humans, get into slumps or we get into routines and we forget to truly realize where we are in life. I'm a thinker...and I often miss 'in the moment' things because I'm off in my own world tra-la-la-ing.
What do I want out of life?
Ultimately to glorify God.
(okay. we got that. that goes without saying.)
Does it matter what I want out of life?
to a point no.
but yes.

My point is this:
It's important to not get stuck in your head or your routines or stuck in your slump because you can forget what truly matters. You can become apathetic about growing.
I desire to grow.
And I'm tired of sitting around.
I'm going to post pictures of National Convention.
and then I'm going to play some music, clean my room, and do a few other things.
THEN I'm going to look at my Summer Wish-list and come up with a plan to not be so lazy.

If none of this made sense to you...it's because I didn't have an outline and I just wrote.
Much like I would in a journal (minus all the weird emotional stuff that you reread and go 'whyyyy did I WRITE that. I'm so weird').

Moving on...

To explain to you what National Convention is...would be terribly hard for me.
But here's a quick idea:
National Convention is related to TeenPact.
Students from all over the country come to a little camp in TN to grow, fellowship, and praise.
There are small groups, speakers, elections, fake commercials, music, games, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
But seriously it's awesome.


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Eleanor said...

totally get this post. im in the middle of cleaning my room as we speak! whilst taking a short break :P xx