All to Him I Owe

Jesus Paid It All
Jesus Paid it All

I can't express to you how much that one song means to me.

But it's not just the song...it's what the song stands for:


Now that's the most comforting thing that anyone could ever tell me.


I got a new camera and I'm learning how it ticks.
the new camera...eh?

I need to make a checklist:
I MUST post about
-National Convention
-My Birthday
-Pepperplace Market

OH. And I'm going to Charleston on Monday...I'm SO excited.

I've been reading Everyday Musings for the past couple of years, and Charleston just seems like my heart in a city. Nicholas Sparks (yes. I've read some of his books...stop judging) paints a beautiful Carolina picture. And I cannot tell you how much I love the Carolinas. Charleston is a beautiful southern town, close to the beach, with good food, style, and spirit. And I get to see it first hand and in person! SO excited.
So. YAY!

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