William Fitzsimmons

Friday, the state of Alabama was plagued with Tornado weather.
Sirens were going off, rain was falling like crazy, wind was blowing (love it), etc.
But you know, I had somewhere to go.
I looked to the sky and said to the storm,
"Hey. If you really don't mind, I'd looove it if you would just pass on by in the next couple of hours so I can leave my house at 8. See, William Fitzsimmons is coming to Birmingham...and he doesn't visit often...and I'd really like to NOT miss him."
It stopped.
I got to go.
And Mr. Fitzsimmons is brilliant live.
He played all the good ones.
He cracked jokes.
And of course he was there...with his beard.
(always enough for meeee)

Also, attending a show with people who also really love a musician allows you to have an even better time. Little girly squeals were okay, and nobody judged.
(So nice. No judging.)

Enough with my words....pictures speak a thousand words, right?
well hello acoustic in the audience performance
Mr. Fitzsimmons...you're very cool-looking

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Anonymous said...

oh you look so pretty in that last picture!