Sunday Get-up

These 2 gals, are two of my favorites.

Sunday Get-up
Oh, and on the way home we stopped by the gas station to get some ice cream pints...and whadoyaknow I got 2 strawberry shortcake popsicle-thingies. The best ever(everrrr).
If you've never had one before, I encourage you to try it out (Wal-Mart has them). They are just so dang delicious.
yep. ate 2.
I also got my senior portraits in this week and I'll share some next week!
I love them...because Firefly Photography...rocks my socks.

Sneak Peek!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

oooh the coffee shop pic. i like it.

Anonymous said...


that last one is amaaaaaaazing!!!

annie said...

oh, i can't wait to see more of those senior portraits... they're amazing! you are beautiful! :)