Easter, Easter

Easter is one of the best holidays around.

We always have family breakfast, get ready, go to church, THEN go to my Meme's house, take family photos (we ALWAYS have to make my Uncle Tim put his church clothes back on. You've had to do it for the past gajillion years, WHYYY do you think we would let you take pictures in jeans???), then we stuff our faces.

The tradition of Easter is wonderful.
The meaning?
Even more so.

It should be one of the happiest days of our year.
Imagine having a hero that has captivated your hope and your heart.
You have given this hero everything.
You believe every word that falls from this hero's lips.

You then see him tortured, whipped, spat upon, and crucified to a cross.

But then 3 days later...
He rolls away the stone and comes back to life!
His work was accomplished.
Your hero is more than a hero, your hero is your Savior.
Your hero has given you everlasting life and a place in heaven.
Your hero...is Christ.
('hero' doesn't even do the name of Jesus justice.)

That's what Easter is about.

'He is Risen.'



Hannah said...

Oh dear. I absolutely love the one of you and Savanna with Graham. Classic.

Harris said...

I love the last to pictures. And that skirt is prettu uber.

Lindsey said...

love the pictures! and the message. Very well put.

annie said...

aren't siblings the best? and i love your skirt in these pics! so perfect for spring!