Happy Thoughts on Thursday

Call me cliche, call me hipster, call me indie, roll your eyes...call me what you want.
BUT just know that I truly do love men with beards.
You have a full on manly beard?
My heart is yours.

Robert Rabinsteiner?
I have a crush on you.
ok. and William Fitzsimmons...I have a crush on you as well.



1) The Mast Brothers (they make chocolate. how cool is that? here's a video: !click me! here's their website: mast brothers chocolate)
2) William Fitzsimmons. Need I say more? He's a swonderful musician. (see? he's at the bottom of my 'feast your ears' widget. but just in case...click on his name. there's his website.)
3)Robert Rabinsteiner (he's on the Sartorialist every once in a while. look, I posted about him here: cutie-pie-of-a-man)
4) Some man. via the sartorialist. He's just sooo cooooool!
5) Another random man. via the sartorialist. eh. they're just a cool couple.

did I mention my daddy always has scruff.
he'll let his scruff go full on BEARD.
He then acquires super human strength and the ability to eat crazy amounts of meat.


Anonymous said...

oh darn..i thougth those first guys(and the second too) were the avett brothers.

oh darn..

Anonymous said...

They're kinda trendy right now, aren't they?!?

Matt said...

Makes me want to grow mine back!

Dani said...

You are so funny Gary had one from Thanksgiving till mid February, and I am just so glad that he finally shaved it. I was growing to like the look of it, but gosh, it's no fun to kiss him and have beard in your nose and mouth.

rachel tsunami said...

i'm so very much with you on this. robert green had that full-on manly beard when i had a crush on him, then when i fell in love with him, and when i married him. he has gone clean a few times, but he always eventually reverts. i love him both ways, actually. love these examples you posted.