Sunday getup

So. These pictures were taken with self timer, on top of a truck (on top of the back...door thingy, and I for some reason cannot remember what it's called. The gate? AH!) TAILGATE. (is that right? I'm from the south I should know this) And honestly, if someone would have walked into our backyard I would have ignored the camera and acted like I was admiring the sunshine.
"Oh hello, I was just standing backwards admiring the sunshine while it hits my...back..."
I mean, it's just kind of embarrassing to admit, "Yeah. I'm taking pictures of myself. What?"
I REALLY like the sunshine in these. My favorite photos tend to be taken in the middle of sunshine at about sunset (best lighting EVER).

random thought of the day:

This season is just making me bubbly and happy all over. When I was in Anthropologie earlier this week (I already mentioned this, didn't I?) it hit me like a ton of bricks, it's CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! I think I almost yelled it in the middle of the store. But I mean, if you need to feel like Christmas? Stinkin' walk into an Anthro right about now. They have these delicious candles burning that smell like your Grandmother just pulled out a fresh batch of ginger bread men right out of the oven (even though my grandmother doesn't do that...) and they have about a bazillion mini Christmas trees (a weakness -- they're just so cute!), AND fake snow everywhere. And trust me, being in Alabama we take what snow we can get. Whether artificial or flurries we rejoice at the sight(and once we see the flurries we run to the local Wal-Mart and buy ALL of the bread, milk, and eggs).
So. I'm now ready to go all around Birmingham and find some of the prettiest Christmas decor and snap photos of it.
darn hair
my loves

By the way, one of my awesome, awesome friends, Wesley P. made this video of some of us kids playing on Morris Avenue. It's amazing. Watch it! It might mean more to me because the people in this video are people that I love dearly, but...it's just artistically spectacular.

lets see if I can keep the video from blocking my comments...


Matt said...

EitS is one of the best bands ever! I almost didn't watch this because I can't just listen to them casually... but I'm glad I did. Very well done.

annie said...

these photos turned out beautifully~ here's to christmas!

Harris said...

Next time you see Wesley, give him a... I dunno... maybe you should just kiss his feet for me or something.
That was super cool. Like. SUPER COOL.

I think I'll go to college in Alabama...

Dani said...

Impressive. I would love to know what kind of software/program/whatever that he uses for editing.