a holiday house tour

Last Friday, a small group of gals from the family, went to a Holiday House Tour. Basically, we go to really nice parts of Birmingham, looks at really nice houses, and see all of their really nice decorations. And it's a WHOLE lot of fun! No joke! We usually end up making jokes about how we're throwing love out the window and only marrying for money (let me tell you, these girls are some of the most non superficial girls...so know we are only kidding!). The tour is partnered with this beautiful, beautiful Presbyterian church downtown. So, they feed you then send you on your way to go creepin' through people's really nice homes.
However, because I felt weird taking pictures of the people's homes...there aren't any photos of the actual houses...


this last photo is in here not because it's just a fantastic shot...but because I really love my hat.

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AbbieBabble said...

Aren't tours of all the fancy houses so much fun? On Christmas day, my family always goes for a walk in one of the fanciest neighborhoods here in Boston. It's so festive!