Random Monday

Today I was planning on posting sometime around lunch, but after my 9 am dentist appointment, I was needing to go to the orthodontist to check out why I couldn't floss between some teeth (turns out the shape of my teeth are a little difficult and where I would "thread" between my retainer, my gum is in the way...basically I would have to destroy my gum in that region in order to floss between two teeth. ok. i know you wanted to know all of that). The only time the dentist had was a 2 o'clock appointment so Mom and I went to the Brookwood Mall and shopped a little (you should be proud I didn't buy anything!). But I did fall in love with a Catherine Malandrino leather jacket that was $995. Yep. Whoa.

Here's some photos from a few random days last week:
1) Out of my bedroom window from one of the many rainy days last week
2) Andrew Belle at Harry's Coffeehouse (check him out: andrewbelle)
3) Great, great music!
4) Saturday Sunset


Max-Frederick said...

andrew BELLE/?!!!??!??!
cool. that's cool.
i like you.

annie said...

Can't wait to check out your recommended music... Until then, just where do you go shopping? :) My in-laws live in Birmingham, and we're headed up there for some of the holidays. I'd love to know where you get some of your cute finds!

the friendliest flower said...

andrew belle is so goood!