Happy Thoughts on Thursday

So, I know I talk about them often, but I've gotta do a Happy Thoughts post on NEEDTOBREATHE. Especially since I'm promoting them for this tour! (Remember the posters??) I've been making stops at stores, restaurants, and coffee shops dropping off posters. This past summer, when I was in Nashville volunteering for Musician's Corner, I discovered my love for promotion. Spreadin' the word, introducing people to cool events and amazing musicians, things of that sort. While in Nashville, I went door to door on Broadway handing out flyers. I learned that once you say the words free, community, and concert together, people are willing to hear you out (turning away from this digression).
Where was I -- ah -- love for promotion. Yes. That is it.
So, since I'm completely head over heels for this band, I wanted to help pack the Alabama Theatre OUT. So, I have a friend who is head of the...well, I guess she's head of the Street Team for Alabama (lovingly called a BREATHER) and I told her I'd love to put out posters (a bunch of people do this...I wasn't special). So a week or so later I received that amazing package full of NEEDTOBREATHE posters and bumper stickers. Boy, I loved it.
So I got to do something I love (promotion) for a band I loooooove (NEEDTOBREATHE).
Good life, eh? Yep, good, good life.

Happy Thought for TODAY is the concert is TOMORROW!!!!
So I'm tearing through my closet trying to put together the perfect outfit (gosh I'm such a girl...but I'm going to the meet and greet ya know...gotta make a good impression).
(I know this is a super hyper post...sorry bout that...I'm just excited...overuse of ellipsis)

It will be an amazing event. The atmosphere will be beautiful, especially since it's at The Alabama Theatre. And I wish I could describe their live shows. But I can't, I really just can't.
Words can't describe what the band's lyrics mean to me. I told Bear once that their music felt like home (my friends snickered), but that is exactly what I meant. After I heard them for the first time, I listened to their cds over and over to a point that when I hear their music now, I immediately have one of the following reactions: screaming, shrieking, breathing (haha. pun.), crying, smiling, and always I have a calmness (after the shrieking) completely overwhelm me. And that's why people make music. You create emotion, you match emotion, you connect with people on a very, very personal level. That's why these guys are sticking around, and not just sticking around, but their following is growing day by day.
So thank you NEEDTOBREATHE for being just a genuinely talented, honest, fun band.


Needtobreathe @ Creation East 2009



Needtobreathe (Joe Stillwell)-Won't Turn Back Tour-Mobile

Bo Rinehart - Needtobreathe @Six Flags Over GA
first and second photo from needtobreathe.net (by Tec Petaja -- woot! woot!)
the rest are from flickr. I'm so so so sorry but I lost the links to the people who posted them to flickr.

Seth Bolt & Cam Newton should make a toothpaste commercial together...I'd buy it.


They Call Me Thumper said...

OH Seth Bolt and Cam Newton in the same sentence
... I might swoon from the mental picture (okay, maybe it's not QUITE that bad)

Charity Anne said...

oooo, I love NEEDTOBREATH, I only wish I lived in Tennessee :) Seriously post and tell how it went! :D
It is true, Music is created to inspire people and to Glorify God. Made To get them to think about things, and to spark emotions. NeedToBreath is def. one of those bands. :)
Keep up the posts! God Bless!

Abby said...

Go have fun meeting your hippy husband... ;) I hope you have an amazing time!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

I just listened to a few songs on myspace...I am liking the southern sound..reminds me a little of Kings of Leon (partially from Oklahoma, which, naturally, I love).

Anonymous said...

You are insane.

Hair-Bo said...

That pic of Bo and Bear is AWESOME.

City Girl said...

I used to LOVE Needtobreathe! I haven't listened to them in a while, but I think it's time to check them out again!