Giving Thanks





It was sunny, then it rained, then it was sunny again.

Thanksgiving this year was calm and delicious. It was the "off" year for the big family get together, and usually when it's that year, we still have both of my grandmother's, 2 uncles, another uncle and his family, and then my aunt's mother. So, still a nice little crowd. But this year my uncle and his family went to San Antonio (to see my cousin Jordan...Air Force - woot! woot!), and one of my grandmother's was in the hospital so another one of my uncle's was at the hospital. It ended up being my family, Meme, and Uncle Tim. Nice and intimate. And so very enjoyable. We ate, talked, sat around, watched a Michael Jackson concert and then part of 'The Wiz'.

Food, family, laughs, and God.

Nothing better than that.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

ok that biscuit or roll or whatever that bread item is...looks so good! as does the rest of the food. can you tell i'm hungry? :)

Laken said...

Yum. The table looks wonderful!

And I'm so into your lipstick shade.

Anonymous said...

And then we got up a 4 am.

Bad idea.

the southern hostess said...

Such a perfect Thanksgiving plate! Love your beautiful blog!

the chirpy bird said...

Deeeeeelish! Wowzer I definitely am feeling like a Thanksgiving round two is definitely in order!
xox tash

Max-Frederick said...

hey hey! that's us!
I missed thanksgiving... it was still awesome with jordan! i just wish we coulda been together!