And the two shall become one.

I'm sitting here trying to think of a way to describe a wedding.
Honestly, I can't.
Marriages are a representation of Christ.
How do you describe Christ?
Loving. Selfless. Beautiful. Graceful. Genius.

So a wedding is a ceremony that marks the time that you say, "I now will represent Christ in this way...(husband) I will give my life for her. She will come first. (wife) I will be his bride. I will love him and give my all for him."
So, you say this to another person, while making a commitment to each other and God.
I have to remind myself to say these words to God day after day.

Marriage isn't a god, but it can point others toward Christ if it is the way it should be.

With all that said...

Saturday I went to Amy and Jim's wedding. I had the opportunity to contribute to this event! I made hair flowers for all the bridesmaids and boutonnieres for the groomsmen and fathers. (Notice I left out the groom...yeah there was a bit of a wedding emergency where we realized I had forgotten to make a bout for the groom...the GROOM! NO ONE HAD THOUGHT OF THAT! Luckily I had the materials and made one on the way to the church)
This wedding was beautiful.
It was a celebration of two people becoming one, but it was also a celebration of God's love for us.
I've known Amy for...12 years? But I really got to know her over the past few years and I came to look up to her for many, many reasons.
Jim lives in Mobile so she will now live 5 hours away, so her marriage is bitter-sweet. But definitely more sweet than bitter.
Oh and let me just say that Jim is awesome. He is in the coast guard, drives a motorcycle, and has the most welcome grin you will ever see.
So...Amy got a good one ;)


Meg said...

Wow - great thoughts on weddings/marriage and lovely photos!

CAPow! said...

it looks like it was a gorgeous wedding!

Anonymous said...

You described marriage so well. And I'm happy the post was about marriage and not just the wedding.

Kristin said...

Dying over those poms. Such a chic color combo!

Amy said...

I know this is waaaay late for a comment... but YOU didn't forget to make the bout. I did. The bride forgot to include her almost husband when counting the men.
Good grief.

I love you.