They lied.

Have you ever heard someone talk about their senior year?
Or, in the midst of your Junior year you make a comment about how tough
Junior year has been for you, and they pat you on the back and remark, 'Don't fret!
Senior year is a piece of cake! I remember when I skipped class with a bunch
of my friends and...' etc.
Yeah, I heard that too.
And they lied.
They ALL lied.
They don't tell you that the first semester of your senior year is pure H-E-double hockey sticks.
It is the college applications, the college applications essays, the school work,
the ACT prep, the scholarship worries...it is the dumps.
And on top of that it's a little emotional because you realize that a very prominent chapter
of your life is about to end.
You are faced with decisions about your life that you feel completely incapable of making.
Prayer becomes your best friend.
I'm not at the end of the tunnel quite yet, but when I get there, I'll smile and think of the times I was to the point of pulling my hair out -- it was worth it.
Because it's the climb (right, Miley Cyrus?) that makes anything worth receiving or conquering.

So if I'm a little infrequent with the posts, just know that I'm probably shoving my head in
a book or reviewing flash cards...or crying over these silly decisions.

But amidst all of this craziness, I still have a pretty stinkin' awesome life.
And God is still my refuge.

Has anyone else had this kind of senior year?
Is anyone going through this right now?

P.S. It's in the LOW 70s!


AmyK said...

Hang in there!

My senior year was fairly easy, but that's because I chose to go to community college first instead of university. At least where I live, if you go to community college you don't have to take the SAT or ACT, and when you do go to apply to university for transfer, if you've finished an associate degree they don't need your SAT scores; they'll accept you anyway. So I skipped the SAT, the ACT, college applications (except one--my CC, which accepts almost everyone that applies), and since CC is so much cheaper, scholarships weren't a huge worry, either.

Hope you're able to enjoy it while it lasts!

Dani said...

Yeah, that's what the first half of senior year was like for me. Honestly though, it got better second semmester. After finishing the ACT and turning in the applications, and finishing the bulk of the big school projects.

Max-Frederick said...


Katie Larissa said...

Well, I had my official senior year last year, school work wise, so this whole year is all scholarship work, college application, SAT, ACT prep, etc., and I thought I was settling in for a pure piece of cake.



See, I didn't really realize that all this stuff had to be nicely accomplished by DECEMBER. I thought I had, oh, a whole year.



And Mama and I are pretty much constantly emotional these days, as I gird up my loins to hop away from the nest next year.

So, you aren't in this by yourself, honey child. Love you!

Celeste said...

Haha I'm a senior except in college so instead of worrying about my college years ahead of me, I get to worry about what to do for the rest of my life ;)

And, I will truthfully tell you: College is exactly whatever you make of it.

Owl of the Desert said...

Yep, I been there. I know I was really, really busy fall semester of my senion year, but honestly, all I really remember now are all the times I spent with friends, going to football games, making homecoming togas, etc. And my spring semester was much better. You start getting acceptance letters, and the school work eases up. So, just hang in there and keep praying! It will all be worth it.

Margaretta said...

You are so right about this. People told me that too, and then my senior year I worked my behind off. I mean really. My senior year was academically harder than my freshman year in college.

I know it makes things harder, in a way, to be pondering on all the shifts in your life, but keep doing it! It's all so beautiful and important, and it's best when you give it the attention it deserves.

Matt said...

Hey Whitney! My senior year was pretty terrible. Not just because it was hard, just... terrible. So I hope you have a better one than I did! And get excited about college! It's great!

beatrice said...

senior year was ridiculous.... you are not alone. hang in there it ends! and then you have a summer of writing thank you notes. and then school starts again =)