I do love my life :)

My friends and I are big, big fans of Urban Standard.
If you ever visit Birmingham, Urban Standard should be one of your stops.
It's THE cutest most creative coffee shop ever.
They serve breakfast and lunch, they carry BOYLAN ROOT BEER (!!!!), sell art, and a bunch of other awesomeness.
Oh. They sell coffee too.
I've gotten the cheesy grits with sausage the past 2 breakfasts I've been there. Man, I love me some grits.
We met for Morgan's birthday breakfast and it happened to be the weekend of art walk, so we looked at some local art and then ventured to What's on 2nd (antique store) and played a little in there.

Ya know? I just love Birmingham. There are only a couple other cities that I could ever see myself living, but Birmingham is my first choice. Birmingham is my home.

*A few words about the birthday girl:
I only met this gal back in March. She has been such a tremendous blessing to my life.
We rarely have conversations that we don't bring up Christ; I think that right there is a true testament to Morgan's character. Morgan is loving, giving, fun, beautiful... and so much more. Happy 17th to such a wonderful person!*


Emma Jade said...

gorgeous pics!

Celeste said...

Sort of in love with all your photos- they're so bright and happy :)

JMay said...

How cute are you!

Love antique stores :-) Cute lil blog you have here :-)