On a Monday...

Today is busy.
My alarm clock was accidentally set for PM instead of AM...
putting me more than an hour and a half behind after I woke up.

So here's a few things that make me happy today!
Seriously? This is the cutest.
I have no doubt that this wedding is going to be fantastic!
Shoot. The cutest wedding plans EVER.

And 1 songs that is going through my head right now:

does anyone know how to downsize youtube videos?

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Rachel Marie said...

love the Cival Wars!!

and for the youtube video, idk if you have already tried this..but f you click embed under the video to get the embeding code when you are on youtube , you can pick what size you want...and sometimes while edting your post on blogger you can click around the edges of the video and drag it in to make it smaller... not sure if this will help but that's about all I know! have a delightful week!