My lady friend camera, Myrna, might be dead.
If she's not dead, she is terribly ill.

So, I'm going to take her to Dr. Wolf Camera and see if they can fix her up.
If they can't...or if the fixin' up is too much, I'll get a new camera.
All today.
Because I go to National Convention (a teenpact related camp :D) next week and I
HAVE to have a camera.


I'm the girl that pulls out the camera and people sigh and go, "Seriously, do you HAVE to take pictures right now??"

Yes. Yes I do.

I leave you with Peonies - - don't they make you feel good?

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Giann said...

I hope they can fix it!! Have fun @ NC!!!

Bridget said...

oh man. a sick camera. good luck with it!