Happy Thoughts on Thursday

I am dying for this yellow skirt. Ahhh.


(all photos from weheartit minus 1)
(top from rockstardiaries)


Anonymous said...

I want Naomis skirt too!

chelsea rebecca said...

OH i LOVE that yellow skirt! i love everything Naomi wears but the skirt is wonderful!

Saura Lnow said...

Hippies in the middle of the road with a guitar :) Can we go? haha

Hair-Bo said...

Ditto, Saura.

wv - expolo

Max-Frederick said...

you could totally make that skirt!!!
and yes, Laura, can we go?!?
I ADORE that hippie kid picture :)
I want that.
(plus, the puffy little bird is soo cute)

Anonymous said...

i just LOVE looking thru weheartit for beautiful photos like these ones! that skirt is sooo cute, i totally need one!! =)

elliebird said...

i'm pretty sure that skirt is a dress that she made into a skirt. it's from target. jean paul gaultier. i wanted it sooo bad. but...alas...twas gone when i went to the store.

beatrice said...

dude. i'm pretty sure that skirt is the yellow halter dress at target with the halter bodice taken off.

i'm just sayin.

beatrice said...


i just read eleanor's comment.

thats awesome.

whitney you have awesome friends in case you hadn't noticed, lol