Happy Thoughts on Thursday

^^^Images that make me SUPER happy ^^^

Oh goodness.
PINWHEELS!?!?!! I mean SERIOUSLY all the cuteness and creativity
from engagement sessions is starting to drive me nuts!
Plus...I happen to have a hugantic love for sun flares, it's just so darn beautiful!
hugantic IS a word. shhh.

Oh. I admit. I'm an avid reader of wedding blogs.
I think...maybe.

(1st image: greenweddingshoes)
(2nd image: gabrielryan)
(3rd image: 100layercake)

p.s. day 3 of savannah will come soon


Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHH!!! I like the one in the(real) flowers!!!!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness these all make me so happy!! and i love green wedding shoes.. wedding blogs are so fun!

Max-Frederick said...

whitney. i blame you for my wedding blog obsession... it's your fault i'm a little obsessed with them too!!

Giann said...

me too....shhh!! hugantic is in Joe's dictionary....

gabrielle said...

i LOVE wedding blogs. :D -sigh-

can't wait for MINE!!!

I Think My Tummy Hurts said...

Geez Louise! I wish I could live in those photos.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These are all beautiful. Nothing like a pretty picture to brighten a day.