Dear Chelsea

Best friend, "sister", cousin, family, beautiful girl, amazing person.
I draw inspiration from you constantly.
The way you accept certain things just completely astounds me.
Your fake awkwardness is just the cutest thing ever.
You're beYOND talented.
Your tiny waist is just all you, and it's just...you. (if that made sense...)
Your absolutely hilarious. So...so funny.
You're strong and faithful in God, you truly have a love for Christ that is forever standing.
Honestly we can sit in silence and have fun, but it's never really silent when we're together.
Hey. I even love your stinky feet ;)

I Love you to the moon and back.
Happy Birthday!

and yes. I stole those pics. b/c i wanted to.
thanks facebook!


Max-Frederick said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! i love you
(and fine... this made me tear up)
because... i don't feel like half those things are true... but you come along and boost the confidence..
i love you, and thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Dude. Made me tear up, too. Sweet, sweet girls...