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2010 should be the year of handwritten notes.
I think it would be fun, and who doesn't want to feel like Lizzie Bennett?
I've always wanted to have extremely eloquent handwriting...and a sister named Jane.
Dear Jane...

Handwritten notes are romantic, more personable, and so much prettier.
E-mails are great; facebook messages are quick.
But waiting for a letter from someone is just so much more exciting!
And what about the feeling of paper beneath your finger tips?

So, in honor of Valentine's day choose someone that you would like to send a handwritten note.
Maybe dot your eyes with hearts (why not?!?! it's VALENTINE'S DAY! and honestly this is just about the only time you can get away with that without people thinking you're a complete cheese ball. but hey, cheese ball is cool in my book!), maybe write you letter on pink paper, because you don't know what a nice little handwritten note might do for someone.
And hey, maybe they'll pass along the little lovely idea.


Rachel said...

Brilliant idea, I truly think a hand written anything is just so much more sweeter, plus you will always have it to hold onto, or frame, or post on that bullentin board.... but what happens when one's computer crashes.... everything online can be lost.

lets bring back inky pens, pretty writing, lovely paper, and postage stamps =]

Nasada said...

and that my friend is why i write letters to two people!

Max-Frederick said...

You know this. and valentine's notes are incredibly wonderful anyways... I love Valentines.
Love the post whitt.

Saura Lnow said...

I love letters...but I don't really ever write them ...hmmm

I really really like the name Jane...it was my Grandmothers middle name ... and I'm soo stealing it and naming one of my kids Jane...preferably a girl because I would hate to name a boy Jane ;)

Anonymous said...

Laura! It is our grandmother's middle name, too!