A Day with Longboards

Super cold and super fun. Watching the guys play (or wipeout...) on their longboards was a whole heck of a lotta fun. Anna and I got to freeze our toes off, take pictures, and giggle, while the guys acted all nonchalent about their awesomeness....yeah.

I even jumped up on the longboard a couple of times and went very, VERY slowly....


Max-Frederick said...

i like the longboard :)
and.. yeah looks like you had SO much fun!!
good pictures!

elliebird said...

shwanked out!
what song is that?

Anonymous said...

AH!!!! the video is awesome!!
I didnt know you took so many!

Asa`s puny jump in the video is hilarious!

Saura Lnow said...

The video is great!
I like Anna's hat :)
And the picture of you wrapped up in the blanket like a taco!

beatrice said...

you are too cute to be believed. smoochy smooch my friend.