Back in the swing of things...

My Break was great. Great. GREAT.

-Couch Project (Downtown B'ham. Loved it.)
-Stuffing my face
-Online Shopping
-Christmas Decorations
-Christmas Tree buying (at a Christmas tree farm)
- a whole bunch of other stuff I just can't remember!

So. I kinda love my family :D

But. I didn't get ANY pictures b/c Ryan had my purse in his truck, and my purse contained a charger...but now I've misplaced the battery!
I'm going bananas without being able to use my camera!

This week, I'm going to try to be a good studious student. Stay on task. Not get on the computer when I should be doing school (the computer is ON my school desk...cruel.) and get a lot done!

By the way, who is SOOOOO excited about seeing this movie??

I am. Oh. Love Nicholas Sparks.

God Bless.
And He's blessed me. I saw a LOT of that this past week.


Max-Frederick said...

Love it all!
I never got my picture taken for the couch project..
and aaah about your camera!!
on my blog, when i said "i'll steal pictures from people" you were one of those "people" and then right after i posted it hit me that you didn't take any pictures..it's ok, you can make it!!
be a good kid this week!

Rachel said...

it was a splendid break if I do say so myself. =]

Anonymous said...

it was my christmas tree farm..and it was fun having yall :D :D

Saura Lnow said...

ahhhhhh!!!!!! Channing Tatum :)
almost as cool as Seth Bolt

Owl of the Desert said...

So sorry about your camera. Lovin' the new picture up top. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like that the female main character in Dear John is named Savannah...