Emotional Breakdowns?

I know I haven't blogged like I said I would. I haven't even blogged since my cupcake blog.
BUT I am swamped with school!
What do all of y'all do when school is completely crazy, and some of your subjects end in emotional breakdowns?
I made a playlist of songs that usually get me feeling better. (Along with some hot tea, it REALLY helps!)

Bad Day Playlist :
#1- World Spins Madly On - The Weepies - Listen to this first. It automatically makes you feel better.
#2- Lay 'Em Down - NeedToBreathe - Immediately after listening to this song, say a short prayer.
#3- 1901 - Phoenix - Stand up and dance. This gets you back in better spirits!

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Anonymous said...

no my school never ends in breakdowns...well


SH! dont tell anybody :D

Max-Frederick said...

I love you whitty :)

Elly May said...

Whitney, this is seriously exactly what I was thinking the other day... you read my mind. how nice of you! =]

I have been DROWNING in schoolwork, and to get me cheered up I have either tea, or hot chocolate( this one has been a fav recently, who cares if it's 90 degrees?!) and I put on my ipod and rock it out.

I am obsessed with 1901, amazing song.

and I love the Weepies =]

you are awesome.

Saura Lnow said...

I had a breakdown over english 101 last week...it may be the first time I've ever cried over school work...but that class seriously stresses me out