Overall, more than a HAPPY week :D

I had a wonderful week :D
It's underlining what I type for some reason...so, okay.
On Monday I got to spend time with my brother and sister.
Tuesday, I watched history, ALL day long.
Wednesday night I watched 'Spencer's Mountain' with my mom and dad.
Thursday night I watched 'Elizabethtown' (for the bizillionth time) on the couch
with Mommah and Daddy.
And today I did school and went to run errands with my beautiful mom.
We went to the thrift store and I got
- 7 records f or a total of...$1.19!!!
- a table/nightstand for $4.98 :D
and then at Wal-Mart they had some movies for $4
Then, tonight we watched 'The Perfect Man' while enjoying BBQ salads!

Life has funny ways of reminding you to appreciate all the small things in life.
I have such an incredible dad, a handy daddy! He's been putting in closets in my soon-to-be room. Hopefully tomorrow we'll paint the room...hopefully!
My mom, she's given up SO much for me. Instead of having a job in the city of something fancy like that ;D, she stays at home, pours over lesson plans, schedules, and books for HOURS on end, JUST so I can get an education.
Lord, you have blessed me with such an amazing life. I don't thank you enough.

This man (including his family) and our country are going to need all the prayers we can give.

My Boots!:D I looove them!

$4 movies :D
Cinderella Man and The Perfect man...who says we can't have both?

Records -- oh how I love you so!

By the way, I fell in love...with a piece of furniture! I love it to shreds!

And to close on a happy thought...


Johnnie said...

AAH you got a fleetwood mac record!


i want to see your night stand!!!

Max-Frederick said...

This blog makes me so happy!
and i think that's the point. :)

records.... oh how we love them!

And isn't it so nice to have handy daddys!?

(subwfor is my word verification and it reminds me of subwolfers.. or whatever they're called.. BOOM BOOM BOOM BUM BOOM.)

Margaret Mead said...

night stand...AWESOME