I haven't blogged. In forever and a day.
But let's see how it goes!
So Today:
-I got a 6 page letter from a little friend of mine whom I love so dearly! It was colorfully decked out in doodles and nonsense, but it made my day.
- Had lunch w/ an Amy friend (Tuna baby!)
- Took care of a beautiful poodle (as I do most days)
- Ate leftover eggs with cheese and salsa
- Watched a short movie about Cleopatra
- Did the educational thing
- Texted my dear Max-Frederick good morning (shamelessly)
- currently treating my ears to 'Brighter Than Sunshine' by Aqualung
- and now I'm trying to write a post that doesn't bore you to bits :D
- and for some reason it won't let me add a photo!

Oh Monday, Oh Monday.
Why do we hate you so?
Only Monday mornings says I.


narwhalphant said...
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richelle jean said...

hi Whitney!

thank you for the kinds words. i think its super duper cool to hear that God is using my blog to encourage someone out there in this crazy world!

and YES!!! an investment in a nikon/canon camera would always be a great investment. i totally encourage you to get one someday.

as for SHOPPING? i looovey love love shopping. even though money is short many times haha. my favorite places to shop for clothes would probably be...

-thrift stores

as for them slouchy beanies? i actually buy mine handmade by a friend who lives on the east coast. her name is irene carole and i'm sure you'd find her blog when you look at the links on mine...

her online shop is:

she also takes custom orders.

keep growing strong in the faith!
and thank you again for your kinds words. i hope i was able to help you out a little bit with this unbelievably long comment response!

Max-Frederick said...

WHITNEY [enter the rest of your entirely wonderful name here] !!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't want to put your full name, just in case there are any creepish stalkers out there.... ya know.

I'm so proud of you!!!

I need to post again.
so do you.

Johnnie said...

you call amy tuna baby?? sorry i had to. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAhahaha..ha...

i love you.